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1. Unsatisfactory: Major improvements needed
2. Needs Improvement: Less than satisfactory could be doing better.
3. Meets Expectations: Performing duties as directed with minimal Supervision.
4. Excellent: Performing all duties in a cost-effective manner with positive, measurable results.
5. Outstanding: Performing at a level above and beyond the duties of the current position’s requirements.

Quality of Work

Consider accuracy, thoroughness, effectiveness, ability to meet standards of quality, neatness and accuracy, competence, thoroughness, and efficiency of work regardless of volume

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Quantity of Work

Use of time and volume of work accomplished, work output matches the expectations established.

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Team Work

Establish and maintain effective working relationship with others, shares information and resources with others, follows instructions of supervisor and respond to requests from others in the team in a helpful manner, contributing work and effort to group performance to meet agreed upon objectives and achieve team success

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Job Knowledge

Application of appropriate level of technical and procedural knowledge in specific field, degree of technical competence, understanding of job procedures, methods, facts and information related to assignments, perform duties with minimal supervision but seek guidance where and when appropriate to the job, consults the appropriate staff

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Consider the extent to which the employee sets own constructive work practice and recommends and creates own procedures, self-starter, develop and implement new methods, procedures, solutions, concepts, designs and/or applications of existing designs or procedures, accepts additional challenges and responsibilities and willingly assist others, self-reliant, completes assignment on time

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Planning and Organizing

Adapting to changes and using resources effectively, maintains confidentiality as appropriate, setting objectives, establishing priorities, developing plans, arranging work schedules and prioritizing work to meet deadlines, know when to ask for clarification before proceeding on a work project.

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Development Opportunities

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Additional Comments

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