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Struggling To Review Your Employees On-Time?

Meet EvalMeasures.

Completing Performance Reviews On-Time And Turning Your Employees Into Happy Productive Team Members Is What We Do Best
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Supervisors and managers use EvalMeasures to prep, write and deliver effective employee reviews - on-time, every time!

Choice 1-on-1  Templates
Enhanced Agency Results
Effective Proven Methods
Motivation  Through Accountability
Leverage Agency Standards
Timely 'Paper' Trail

The Best Supervisors & Managers 
Love Using EvalMeasures

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EvalMeasures Is…

Your 1-on-1 Feedback Journal

Unlock the full potential of your employees with EvalMeasures’ 1-on-1 Feedback Journals. Our journal makes documenting employee performance a breeze. With our quick insights into each employee, you can;

    1. provide relevant development feedback that motivates your staff to do their best work.
    2. integrate established standards into your daily staff interactions and documentation, so you
        can focus on what matters most - your employees. 
    3. motivate staff to do work they are hired to do ( need to push and prod!)

Say goodbye to tedious note-taking and hello to happy employees with EvalMeasures’ 1-on-1 Feedback Journal.”
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Make "performance-review-avoidance"
syndrome a thing of the past

EvalMeasures has helped several supervisors and managers make prepping, writing and delivering their employees performance reviews something to look forward to!
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