Drive Employee Performance

EvalMeasures helps supervisors and managers prep, write and deliver effective on-time employee reviews - every time!

Organizations succeed when members on their teams succeed. For this reason interactions between team members and their supervisors are pivotal. EvalMeasures has been developed to help agencies efficiently manage those interactions. 

Results are driven in large part by the performance management process they have in place. They include employee 1-on-1 sessions, and the annual performance appraisals. They drive an organization or program’s ability to succeed.

Done right, the process can the most important driver of employee performance success. Yet, well-meaning managers and supervisors fail to leverage its full potential. They even postpone the inevitable such that when review time comes, many "throw together" evaluations they would not want for themselves!

Use EvalMeasures to proactively prepare, write and deliver performance evaluations you and your team will look forward to. Let EvalMeasures  help put you in a position to;

  • Achieve goals and objectives through productive 1-on-1’s
  • Deliver proactive consistent performance reviews
  • Instantly view high level reports to pinpoint trouble performance spots and make needed adjustments
  • Gain valuable insights to move the organization forward

In short, EvalMeasures makes writing and delivering performance appraisals a breeze!

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